Stealth S1 Classic Fins

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Product Information
  • The original and the best. It has a soft foot pocket for ultimate comfort and a stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion. It is built with the classic circle ACCESSORIESdrainage system and has been used by many top riders over the years.
  • Currently this is the fin of choice for George Humphreys, JacoACCESSORIESb Hein and Shaun Pyne
  • 100% Malaysian Rubber - The finest materials for optimum comfort and performance
  • Secure Ankle Straps - Natural rubber ankle straps to keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions
  • Soft Foot Pocket - Featuring the unique Stealth drainage system allowing sand and broken shells to wash out.
  • Angled Blade - The unique angled blade is designed for maximum thrust and acceleration
  • Assymetrical Design - Moulded right and left fins allow maximum thrust for minimal effort
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