Snow Chains




      Snow Chains are chains that fit around the tyres of your vehicle to provide better traction when driving on snow or ice. The rules around snow chains vary slightly between states, generally they are required in alpine regions throughout Australia’s snow season. We recommend if you are driving to the snow you carry snow chains so they can be fitted if conditions require or if instructed by authorities.

      Here at Rapid Surf & Ski, we hire Snow Chains to fit most 2WD & 4WD vehicles. The chains we use are a Diamond Pattern Easy Fit with side tension spring, and auto locking lever. They are a one side fitting chain therefore you do not need to move your vehicle to attach. The chains come with a heavy duty carry bag with full colour fitting instructions printed on the bag.

      To hire the correct size for your vehicle we need to know:

        • Tyre Width
        • Tyre Height 
        • Rim Size

      For example 206/60/18.

      Please call us on 08 8344 1166 to discuss the best option for your vehicle.