Browse our wide range of Rapid Surf & Ski kid's vests. Our children's life jackets are fully approved by Australian Safety Standards and ensure peace of mind in the water. Our vests are designed for general watersports and will help your kids gain confidence in and around the water.

      To help find a perfect fit, our children's vests are sized by years. In general, a child's vest size will be the same as their age. 

      If you would like some assistance with fitting out your family's life jackets, come in-store and our expert staff will find you the right fit and design in no time.

      How to fit your vest.

      Is it the right fit?

      Use this guide above to feel whether this is the right fit for you. Check these 3 things to determine the right fit.

      + Little to no space around the shoulders

      +Bit of struggle to zip up

      + Firm around the waist

      Check your measurments.

      Before purchasing a life jacket, make sure you measure around your chest and double check your weight. Checking these measurments will ensure you get the right fit.

      *True fit is only determined by trying the vest on.

      Slim Fit

      ProFit vests are built for round the clock performance and comfort. A tapered outline acts as a bond between your torso and the vest ensuring it is always playing its part in your protection. A complete stitch through foam panel provides the rider with mobility, flexibility, and motion.

      Wide Fit

      We like to say the HappyFit is made for those with a ‘keg’ and not a ‘six-pack’ but this vest is much more than just a larger cut. A more relaxed fit is less demanding on its relationship with the torso while the Side Flex Panels & Segmentation ensure the integrity of a customised fit and feel. Larger arm holes give a more traditional array of movement. If you’ve been feeling like other vests hug a little too tight, a HappyFit vest is the one for you.

      Our Life Jacket Brands