Kneeboards are great for family fun and for experts looking to spin and flip like a pro. A kneeboard offers fun on the water and is easy to learn, which helps build confidence to try a few tricks or as a stepping stone to waterskiing or wakeboarding.

      At Rapid Surf & Ski, we have a selection of plastic and fibreglass kneeboards to suit your riding style. From family/beginner to expert, we can assist you with your kneeboard purchase. With a great range of brands to choose from, such as HO, Jobe, KD, and Radar. There is sure to be a board to suit you.

      We also have a range of padded and non-padded bags to protect your kneeboard when travelling or storing it. Check out our ropes and accessories to get you out on the water and having fun.

      A boat can always accommodate kneeboarding. It is a tow sport that anyone can attempt. Whether you're a beginner or flipping like Franky Panno, there is a board for you. Kneeboarding is straightforward, especially if you are keen to progress into other water sports. Starting your water sports skills with kneeboarding is a good option, as it teaches handle control without overthinking about balance. Some kneeboards come with a handle hook, which helps in getting up when you are a beginner as it stabilises the handle. 


      Selecting the correct kneeboard can help you advance in the sport quicker but can be tricky if you need the right equipment. The first thing to look for is a board this sport is straightforward to approach, especially if you’re keen to progress into other sports, with a handle hook. These help to increase your chance of success due to not needing to focus you're starting from a bank; one of these will endure the wear and tear. 


      1. Start by laying on the top of the kneeboard, just like a surfer.
      2. If you're using a handle hook, place your hands on the rim of the board close to the tip. If you're not using a hook, you can wrap your thumbs around the outside of the handle while holding onto the kneeboard.
      3. Wait until the boar starts going and you are at speed to start getting up. The kneeboard should start to plane and this is your cue to move. Remember, it's not a race.
      4. Tuck your knees into position and pull the strap over your knees.
      5. Pull the handle out of the hook and lean back in a sense that you're standing tall. Don't lean over the front of the kneeboard, as this is not a stable position and will result in falling off.


      We often get asked how fast can you go on a kneeboard when just starting out. A general rule of thumb is the rider must be comfortable with the speed. If you're starting kids on a board, please follow the guide below for kneeboard speed.


      5-10 Years10-13 Years14-17 Years18+ Years
      0-16 KPH16-24 KPH24-32 KPH32 KPH +


      There is a whole range of things that you can add to your kneeboarding adventures but the three most important are:

      1. An L50s Australian Standard Vest.
      2. A kneeboard rope, or can be substituted for a wakeboard rope.
      3. A padded cover for your kneeboard. This will help to protect your kneeboard when after a long day, your arms are tired and you accidentally drop your board. A bag also helps to protect your kneepad when in storage.

      All in all, kneeboarding is a fun sport that the whole family can enjoy. Pop in or call either of our Prospect or Clarence Gardens stores to discuss the best options for you.