Snow Holiday Essentials and Packing List

A ski holiday might be the hardest holiday you’ll ever pack for, especially if you don’t have an expert boarder or skier friend that can give you all the advice and guidance. This can make an exciting holiday extremely stressful when picking the right gear to keep you warm, dry and enjoying the snow. Nothing is worse than being cold, wet and miserable on a snow holiday, so we have compiled a list of essentials and a handy packing list (at bottom of page) that will ensure you stay warm and dry and excited for your next snow adventure. 

We will start with the basics that can be hired or bought. 

Outerwear – hired or bought from us

This is a necessity to keep you dry and often warm when you start shredding it up on the mountain. We offer both hire jackets and pants for pricing visit our snow hire page.

  • Jacket – we recommend a jacket rated above 10K/10K waterproofing and breathability. See our post on snow outerwear ratings here. 
  • Pants

Equipment – hired or bought on the mountain

  • Snow Helmets– a must especially since now at some resorts it is a requirement to ski/board. It might come as a surprise that majority of people wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. The cool thing is to stay safe while you explore especially when starting off falls are inevitable. We recommend if you are going more than once to buy a quality helmet, if not, just hire one where you are hiring your skis or snowboards!
  • Skis/Snowboards

Innerwear and Mid-layers 

Innerwear like thermals and fleeces are important for wicking sweat away when you’re on the slopes, plus it traps your heat close to your body. It is important when buying thermals to consider the material (polyester, merino) to ensure it is moisture wicking. 

  • Thermals– our thermals are linked here, both tops and bottoms are important. Merino can be scratchy so we prefer polyester. 
  • If you are someone who feels the cold, it might be good to have another layer between your thermal and jacket this is called a mid-layer.

Other Clothing and Accessories: 

  • Socks – these need to have the same moisture wicking properties. They need to be specific ski socks; the ones we recommend, and sell are linked here
  • Ski/Snowboard Gloves – having cold hands is miserable on the slopes. Having a good pair of highly waterproof rated gloves is needed especially when starting off because you’ll be using your hands to get up when you fall. The higher the rating the longer they will stay dry and as soon as you’re wet - you’re cold. 
  • Goggles – the snow can be incredibly glary and also who wants snow coming into your eyes when you’re flying down a mountain!
  • Neck Gaiter/Warmer – although these might not be essential for some, we wouldn’t go without one! They keep the snow and wind off your face plus the extra warmth around your neck will be appreciated. TIP: can be pulled up over your nose up the chair. 
  • Snow Boots/Grip Shoeswalking around the village or having a bit of fun with après you will need snow boots no matter what. These must be waterproof – no one likes wet socks. 

Some extras you might not think about: 

  • A toasty beanie 
  • Comfy undies, sports bra, thick socks to wear around the village 
  • Sunglasses – snow glare is real!
  • Sunscreen – that sun we mentioned reflecting off the snow is very strong; stay sun-safe.
  • Lip Balm – cold dry air = chapped lips.
  • Snacks – chocolate, muesli bars, protein bars; something easy that rewards yourself for a long ski day
  • Comfy clothes for around the house – the temperature in the house can be hot or cold so be prepared for both.
  • A few band aids – hire ski boots can get uncomfy, be prepared for the blisters with band aids. Also, remember you can always change your boots over for different ones!
  • Bathers!! – usually places have a nice hot tub to relax after a big day on the slopes or even a pool for some recovery. 
  • Some nice clothes to wear around after skiing for dinner or a shopping day – second pair of winter gloves as yours will most likely be drying out overnight. 

Just some final words. If going with kids, please do not compromise on their gear. If they are cold the whole trip – they won’t want to go back and give it a second go and no one wants wingy kids on a holiday. 

We have compiled all this into an easy check-off packing list.