Snow Pants




      Snow pants are outerwear designed to keep you warm, dry and protected and dry when shredding on the mountain. All our snow pants start with a water rating of 10,000mm to keep you dry on your next snow adventure. We stock a large range of styles to suit everyone from brands you can trust, such as Rip Curl, Elude, Rojo, XTM, O'Neill and the newest player on the market Nobody's Princess.

      So be ready to hit the mountains and visit Rapid Surf & Ski to fulfil all your snow gear needs!

      All snow gear is available only at our Prospect store and online - Australia-wide. 


      All snow clothing material is rated, making it easy to determine which products are more waterproof and breathable than others. The first figure (in millimetres) is the waterproof rating, and the second is the breathability (in grams). Waterproofing and breathability are key factors in keeping you dry without the issue of overheating. Technically, the material has tiny holes that are too small to allow water molecules past but large enough to let water vapour (sweat) through. The rating system has been created to help you choose what waterproofing and breathability you need depending on the intended use and personal ability.


      Waterproofing is measured by determining how much water a fabric can withstand in millimetres before it penetrates. Material can be waterproof with a rating of 1,000mm. Most snow pants start at 5,000mm and can go up to 20,000mm. If you are new to snowboarding or skiing, you may want a pair of pants that start at 10,000mm, as you may find yourself sitting in the snow a lot!


      Breathability is measured by determining the fabric’s ability to allow moisture vapour to escape through a square metre over 24 hours. Breathable materials start at a rating of 1,000 gms and can go as high as 40,000 gms. Anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 gms is desirable for most skiers and snowboarders. Many pants have ventilation options, so you can still easily cool down by these vents.