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Parks Bonifay Pro Model 

Parks Bonifay’s hard charging quick reacting rail design for riders that want instantaneous response on the water that features a camber rocker line. Camber naturally puts you in more of a neutrally balanced weight distribution - allowing you to drive off the wake with both legs in a more ergonomically balanced body position. Last year we fully redesigned our only men’s camber series with greatly increased glide speed and less drag on the water, and a new Air Core featuring I-Beam Construction, along with a thinner tip/tail for less swing weight and our fastest rail to rail design. Thought you knew everything a wakeboard could do? Camber is the biggest development in riding since Herb O’Brien made the first fiberglass wakeboard. 

 Key Features: 

  • Camber 
  • I-Beam AirCore 3.0 Core 
  • Sharp Rail / Soft Bevel 
  • Increased Sidecut 
  • 4 1.0” Ramp Fins & 0.8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins 
  • Parks Bonifay Pro Model


Asymflex 6 

A technical, lightweight masterpiece, Parks Bonifay’s signature model set the archetype for space aged boot construction. Asymmetric low cut support allows for unlimited mobility over your board. Both behind the boat and at the park, some riders want to exaggerate their tricks and want a more freestyle oriented boot for the most in side to side freedom without sacrificing support.  Built with our groundbreaking footwear technology - the Brainframe.  Our revolutionary hardware adapts your lower extremities, like no other hardware ever developed.  These come outfitted with our exclusive heat molded custom fit Intuition + liners, so a trip to your local shop offers you custom tailored boots molded to every aspect of your foot.  Welcome to the future. 


  • Brainframe Technology 
  • Heat Welded Upper 
  • Intuition + Liner 
  • New Quick Snap Lace Handles 
  • Mag Lock Beams 
  • Fully Perforated Liner 
  • Parks Bonifay Pro Model