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Ronix Electric Collective 43"

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Created with a smooth, explosive lift similar to the Boomstick. A built in concave/kicktail for skaters looking for the stability and board control of our Hoverboard on a tighter budget.


Lying in plys of the forest floor mixed with the modern science of concocted EVA we have our sans shoe console wrapped up in a water dwelling deck. With out being anymore sensationalized than we already are, we think we found a way to bottle the emotion of the “it” factor. A certain electrifying marine dance that our forefathers could only dream of.



·                     Concave - starts in the center of the board and then tapers at the ends for a more controllable flip

·                     Hybrid Rocker – a predictable, explosive pop off the wake, with the most in glide speed

·                     Moderately Obese Technology – more board control with a heavier skate - just not as stout as some of our other high end decks

·                     Compression molding – a more durable wood skate process

·                     2 - .8” wakeskate fins